Sliding gates are the best and have been for a long time the most popular solution for securing entrances to private premises, plants and company facilities, housing estates, public service institutions, sports facilities, squares, car parks, etc.

We build sliding and swing gates using the highest quality steel, filled with panels, profiles or wood in a variety of combinations. We make the gates according to our own designs or the customer's individual needs.

They are hot dip galvanized and powder coated on request, which assures the highest level of corrosion protection, lasting many years.

Our well thought through and proven gate production technology facilitates easy installation. Thanks to their solid construction with a full set of posts and rollers, they can be used to close entryways up to 6.5 m wide and, in the case of double gates, up to 8 m.

The total length of the gate amounts to: clearance (m) x 1.4 = total length of the gate (m).

Technical information:

- 70 or 80 mm profiles / guide rails,

- roller assemblies made in Poland with Teflon or steel wheels,

All welds are polished, assuring that aesthetic values are preserved.