Gabions very often play the role of a modern fence while assuring great aesthetic value and beauty.

Our gabion baskets are welded from 20x8x1.8 mm horizontal C-rails and 4.8 mm or 5.5 mm vertical rods. These later undergo a hot dip galvanizing process, which protects them from corrosion and eliminates the need for cyclic painting. In order for the galvanized coating to be durable and aesthetic, the steel used for the production of the gabion basket must assure appropriate parameters (chemical composition). We pay particular attention to this, so that our customers receive products of the highest quality. Stabilising posts of our gabion baskets consist of a 60x40x2 mm hot-dip galvanized, thus protected from all sides, steel sections. In addition, they are equipped with a protective roof. M6x12/16 mm A2 stainless steel screws, which we use in constructing the gabions, guarantee lifetime corrosion protection. An appropriate number of stabilising anchors using our proprietary klik-klak system make it possible for the baskets to retain straight sides for a long time. We recommend a concrete foundation be made for each gabion.

Parameters of a single gabion:

Height: 210-3010 mm with a mesh size of 200 mm (standard) or 50 mm;
Length: 100-3200 mm with a mesh size of 50 mm (standard) or 10 mm;
Mesh: 50x200 mm (standard), 100x100 mm, 50x100 mm, 50x50 mm, 30x200 mm, 30x100 mm;
Wire: Ø 4.8 mm (standard), 5.5 mm;
Galvanized, powder coating on request, colours as per RAL;


  • Construction of fences
  • As decorative elements, such as: flower pots, benches, tables, etc.
  • Retaining walls (eg. for the construction of embankments and ponds)
  • Façades of finished walls
  • Garden furniture
  • Garden barbecues
  • Plant pots